Buy Back Program

Apparel consumption is projected to rise by 63 per cent in the next ten years. This is concerning because as of today, only 1 per cent of all clothing produced globally gets recycled. So how do we solve our consumption conundrums? The answer is: circular fashion.

Since the launch of our shop in October, we have been blown away by your support to give our second-hand items another life. In fact, our pre-loved collection has been more popular than the new ones! So we decided to expand the service to our village (you) and make you an active part of diverting more fashion waste from landfill.

By sending us your children's used clothing, you will receive a store credit in exchange. Indie & Isaac will make sure that all of the items are of great quality so they will last and may be handed down again one day. 

Let's kick goals together

Children grow at a rapid rate, but buying cheap clothes from fast fashion brands is not the answer because someone somewhere has to pay the price. If it's not you, it's the garment worker, or the environment, or consequently the future of our children. So we want to incentivise you to live a more conscious life and stir away from the unethical, unsustainable labels, and buy second-hand baby and kids clothing from responsible brands instead.

Once your child has outgrown their items email us at with the title "Buy Back." Attach a clear picture of the front, sides and back of the garment so we can check its in re-sellable condition. Tell us a little about its wear and tear and how much you would have bought it for. We will then offer you a store credit with Indie & Isaac, based on the value of the item. You'll then receive a pre-paid label for delivery and we'll take care of the rest.

In true circular economy style, your item gets sold to another little explorer and the village keeps on giving ...

We buy back over 100 brands

We do not exclusively buy back the brands we sell. In the end, any piece we can divert from landfill is good news. However, we also believe that fibres made from plastic (finite fossil fuels) such as polyester and viscose can be a health risk to our children, and ourselves. We therefore only accept garments made from natural materials, like cotton, hemp, linen, and wool. Here is a list of brands we love, if your label is not on the list, please contact us directly.

Collectively, we can take climate action one second-hand item at a time. Thrifting is thriving!